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Personal info
Name Ray Teo
Birthday Tue, 17 Jun 1975
Gender M
Marital Status Single
Race Chinese
Language English
Religion None
Education Other
Smoking Socially
Drinking Socially
Height 178 cm
Weight 58 kg
Location west
State --
Country Singapore

Member since Fri, 12 Dec 2003
Last active Never
Profile visits 4 today, 17 this month, 33222 all time
Mails received 0 today, 0 this month, 4 all time

Hangout Disco clubs

I'd like to meet ...
someone who like outdoor activities(especially clubbing)

More about me...
I m a very humour person that can make ppls laugh.And my favourite hobby is clubbing,i like to dance through any music.So feel free to come and know me,we can be very good activities partners.(sorry this is all bcoz i m not very good in english)

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